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Downtown Redevelopment

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May 2018
Council Receives application for the redevelopment of the old Uniroyal Plant on Alice and Huron

March 2018
Council approves the demolition and remediation of the Uniroyal property

August 2015
Council approves the demolition and remediation and redevelopment of the Biltmore Hat Factory

August 2016
Council approves the development of a new 11 Story apartment building on Yarmouth St.

August 2014
Council approves the first three phases of the development with the support of the TWRA, Fusion annmouces ""

April 2014
Council approves the TIFF for the site to encourage compact development, greenspace, and additional remediation

September 2012
The developer(Fusion Homes), the city, the Ward Residents Association, the neighbours, and Councillors Furfaro and Bell meet on many occasions to iron out the best possible development for the site

September 2010
Site remediation begins with the demolition of buildings that have no historical significance

August 2010
With Councillor's Bell's support, the City of Guelph applied "Tax Incremental Financing", "Early Payment of Development Charges", and a $10,000 grant to the 5 Arthur St. site to ensure expeditious clean-up of environmental hazards

December 2009
When the Red Diamond Company went into receivership and subsequent closure, the property a 5 Arthur St. South became a serious problem and opportunity for the City. Having 8 acres of prime property dormant in the downtown is an issue that needed quick resolution. Bob worked actively to promote the site for redevelopment.

Councillor Bell often responded to and represented the neighbourhood on noise and odour issues to the Red Diamond/Wood's management.

Bob's history with 5 Arthur St.South goes back a long way. As a student he worked many summers on the assembly and fabrication lines. After graduation from university he worked as a Manufacturing Engineer in the 1980's, and later in the 1990's as a manufacturing consultant.

Newspaper Articles

Aug 26, 2014 Council approves height restrictions at proposed development at 5 Arthur Street

Feb 11, 2014 Guelph city council drains tax deferral pot to lock up two downtown condo projects

Aug 26, 2014 Council approves height restrictions at proposed development at 5 Arthur Street

Feb 04, 2014 Condo development firm seeks tax incentives for W.C. Wood site