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Individual citizens can help Bob bring a new level of accountability and transparency to municipal politics. Bob does not accept donations from developers, corporations, unions, municipal contractors or their employees. Donations from any developer, municipal contractor, or legal counsel acting on their behalf or their employees would represent an ongoing conflict of interest with city council. There is far too much secrecy and corruption in municipal politics today and it is no wonder that politicians are held in such low regard. In the interest of achieving complete transparency, all donors to the Bob Bell campaign will be listed here the campaign website shortly after the check is cashed or before October 23. No donations will be accepted after October 23. The election is October 27. Donations to candidates in municipal elections are not tax deductible. The campaign cannot accept cash gifts of more than $20. Campaign donations should support honest candidates and not buy favours. Donations to the Bob Bell Campaign will help elect an effective city councillor working for all citizens in this city.

Donate by Cheque

No donations will be accepted after October 23.

Payable to: “Bob Bell Campaign”

Mail or deliver to: 86 Arthur St. N., Guelph, Ontario, N1E4T8

Donations Recieved by the Bob Bell Campaign in the 2014 election

Sep. 9 David Kendrick $99.00

Sep. 11 Pat Quirk $750.00

Sep. 14 Carl Griffin $250.00

Sep. 29 Fusion Homes $500.00 Donation sent back (Local Developer)

Oct 2 Stan Kozak $100.00

Oct 10 Carol Dauda $300.00

Oct 10 Total $1499.00

Donations Recieved by the Bob Bell Campaign in the 2010 election

Patti Maurice --- $100.00

Tom Reidel --- $75.00

William Mungall --- $50.00

Richard and Norah Chaloner --- $200.00

Peter and Monica Wright --- $150.00

Leanne Johns and Stan Kozak --- $100.00

Mike Nagy --- $100.00

Campaign Total Fundraising --- $775.00