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Councillor Bell's position on Downtown Redevelopment:

Guelph Mercury>>>>>"We're on a collision course here," Bell said. "From the very beginning, my argument is we have to resolve the hooliganism first, otherwise we'll have conflicts in the future and the whole strategy for improving the downtown will fail," he said (2008).

The city is encouraging two incompatible forms: Late night drinking at the bars & Residential Sleeping

"Oct 28, 2013 Council axes proposed bar stool tax, votes to review integrity commissioner role

"Oct 17, 2013 Late night food vendors need to be part of Safe Semester talks, council says

"No need for bar stool tax with Project Safe Semester, city staff says

"Sep 24, 2012 Bar seat levy back up for discussion … maybe

"Jun 28, 2012 Coun. Bob Bell once again looking for Guelph bar owners to belly up

"Oct 28, 2011 Bar-stool levy might be worth another look for Guelph’s core